Hello …..

Hi! My name is Tamara and I’m a 30 something foodie with a passion for FOOD and FASHION!

Can’t boil water? Unsure how to freeze ice? Ok, I’m just kidding obviously thats a little ridiculous but maybe your just uncomfortable in the kitchen. You came to the right place! In this blog, website, and upcoming book I hope to inspire you with easy recipes from beginning to finish that are guaranteed to impress and wow your guest! Wether your having a dinner party and need some creative ideas or your just looking to impress your significant other these recipes will do just that with pretty presentation to boot. I mean after all your not just another pretty face, right?  Or do you want to be remembered that way?  But being a pretty face and good cook, now thats a double threat! If  I had a dollar for every time I heard, “You Cook”? I would be a rich woman! I didn’t realize there was a certain persona you had to fit to be a cook in your own kitchen?!  I always get a good laugh at peoples shock! So, what I’m saying is “Pretty Bitches Can Cook Too”!  (Let me clarify  here that pretty comes in all shapes and sizes) You have to Keep it Fun, Keep it Simple, & Keep it Spicy! Discover the Inner Kitchen Diva in YOU and I absolutely mean every word of the books tag line! Cooking doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult to prepare a tasty meal. The recipes in my book are simple and easy as 1, 2,3! I’m excited and looking forward in writing and completing my book to share with you some of my favorite recipes and fashion advice to make you stand out from the rest. If all goes as planned my crystal ball predicts lots of amazing products to go with a series of books!

Oh Yea….

P.S. Ladies, I think we have heard the saying “A way to a mans heart is through his stomach,” right? Well, its true! At least its on of the ways! You can use your imagination on the others! 😉 I’ve learned being a good cook opens the wallet for more retail therapy (wink, wink) and who doesn’t love to shop? Fashionista’s you can do both, I promise. You can be fancy and a good cook!

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you will be inspired to follow me on this journey!


Tamara Faith




10 responses to “Hello …..

  1. Great start ….. I’m here too now. Good luck with this section of your world online.

  2. Life is Short. Eat Hard!

    I love your blog and return time and time again. I am always inspired! Because of this I am nominating you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. See my latest post for how to participate! Thanks!

  3. Respect rather cool blog.

  4. yeseniathegreat

    Love your blog! 🙂

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