Vodka Gummy Bears

Hello Super Bowl Weekend! I meant to do this post earlier so you too could enjoy Vodka soaked Gummy Bears! These gummy bears are great for any party/event you should just try and prepare them 5 days in advance before your party so they can really absorb the vodka. It allows them enough time to really become fat & happy and ready for consumption. I used Ciroc Vodka but you could use any Vodka that you prefer or even a flavored Vodka. You really can’t go wrong with these no matter which way you go. Just put in a bowl or tupperware container, pour vodka over so that they are completely covered, and place in fridge for 5 days. I say 5 days because they become soft, chewy, and yummy!  They are a “Party Pleaser”! Happy Super Bowl Sunday 🙂

Gummy Bears & Ciroc Vodka

Gummy Bears & Ciroc Vodka

Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears

Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears

Fat Gummy Bears Ready For Consumption

Fat Gummy Bears Ready For Consumption

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6 responses to “Vodka Gummy Bears

  1. What fun!! Great snack food for the big game today!

  2. Maybe I’ve had too much wodka, but those look like little colored teeth to me! I admire your “stick-to-itivness”!

  3. I’ve always been meaning to try this. Cute post!

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