Classic Breakfast w/ A Presentation Twist

A Classic Breakfast with a twist! I grew up in the south on eggs, bacon, cheese grits, and homemade biscuits. Grits ( AKA Girls Raised In the South) are a staple in the south and no matter where I relocate my grits come with me! I wanted something warm to eat because its 3 degrees outside today. Yes, you heard me correctly its freaking freezing! What’s better than a warm breakfast to warm your soul on a cold cold day? I’ve claimed my love for presentation through previous post so I decided to step it up a notch this morning by presenting the classic breakfast in a different light.  I took a can that held tomatoes and discarded of the tomatoes into a tupperware container for another day and I cut out both ends of the can leaving a perfectly round cylinder.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Make your grits according to the instructions on the container and melt cheese (for cheese grits lovers). Scramble your eggs and set aside. Cook your pancetta in a pan until lightly brown and crispy (drain remaining grease on paper towel). Take your cylinder open at both ends and place it on your plate that you will be serving on. Place cheese grits in bottom, layer scrambled eggs on top, and lastly top with pancetta. Make sure you pack it down in there tightly so it forms a nice firm mold. Carefully, remove your cylinder and ta-da you have a beautiful presentation! I completed my dish with a slice of cinnamon raisin toast lightly brushed with carmel sea salt butter for that extra little kick of flavor. Complete Yumminess!



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3 responses to “Classic Breakfast w/ A Presentation Twist

  1. Great idea and great display – I use cooking rings to build up dishes, because you can see how you build and easy to fill and lift, not expensive …. but I have to leave the grit out – tried it once and .. I can live without it *smile

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