Healthy Breakfast

I don’t always eat unhealthy! I mix it up all the time with foods that are rich in flavor (that I cut ZERO corners or calories on) and protein packed healthy dishes. Moderation is the key word in my life and lifestyle so that I can enjoy all of life’s little pleasures. I know everyone has kicked off their New Year Resolutions which mostly consist of working out and eating healthy so I promise to incorporate some healthy dishes here. This morning I kept it simple and who said simple had to mean boring? I had 100% whole wheat toast lightly buttered with egg whites, topped with baby spinach and melted mozzarella (there are no exact measurements prepare what you will eat). I paired it with Greek Gods Honey Yogurt and Fresh Pomegranate to add some color to my plate (I happen to love presentation).  It was scrumptious!

If your stuck on eating healthy you can still Keep it Fun, Keep it Simple, & Keep it Spicy! 😉


“Pretty Bitches Can Cook Too”
Keep it Fun, Keep it Simple, & Keep it Spicy!
Discover the Inner Kitchen Diva in YOU!

Thanks Bitches! XO



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