Strawberry Santa’s

Ho Ho Ho! I would normally not want to eat Santa but in this case he’s edible and yummy! These strawberry santa claus’s are so cute when entertaining or for the kids to get in the holiday spirit! Wash and slice your strawberries just cutting the pointy part of the strawberry off to create Santa’s hat.
8oz Cream Cheese
3/4 cups of Powdered Sugar
1 cup of Reddi Whip
Tube of Black Gel
Mix in a bowl the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and reddi whip. Taste and add more powdered sugar or reddi whip to your liking. Place some of the cream cheese mixture on the large piece of the strawberry. Add the pointy piece on top and then place a dot on top for the ball of santa’s hat. You can make a homemade piping bag like I did above or try and spoon it on top. Use the black gel to create eyes and Wa-La Strawberry Santa’s!! They are better chilled for a few hours and you can make them a day in advance if your preparing for a party. 🙂




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Thanks Bitches! XO




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2 responses to “Strawberry Santa’s

  1. Cute … and eatable … has my vote.

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