Grilled Banana Split

I always buy bananas and then I don’t eat them. I stare at them on the counter and witness them turn colors while my subconscious always speaks to me saying, “you always do this!” Thanks, conscious for making me feel guilty about wasting. Whats the saying? “Waste not, want not?” Any who, I decided to make use of the bananas and make grilled banana splits.
2 Bananas
1/4 cup Milk chocolate morsels
1/4 cup Marshmallows
Ice Cream
Take a piece of foil big enough to wrap a sliced banana. Slice banana in half and place in foil. Add half of the milk chocolate morsels and half of the marshmallows. Close foil sealing the top. Add remaining chocolate and marshmallows to the second banana and wrap. Place in 375 degrees oven for 10-12min until slightly melted. Transfer from foil to plate and add a scoop of ice cream. You could add walnuts if it tickles your fancy. My presentation looks messy below but the flavors were DIVINE! 🙂


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