Chicken Spinach Pesto Pizza

I think everyone loves pizza! I mean, it’s pretty safe to say that pizza is a popular food world wide. Sometimes, it’s fun to get creative and make your own pizza at home. So, I decided to make a chicken pesto pizza and yes, I cheated and took some shortcuts instead of doing it all from scratch but what matters is the end result! DELICIOUSSSSSS-NESS! I made my own pesto by mixing the following in the food processor…
Olive Oil
Baby Spinach
Parmesan (block parmesan for the nutty flavor)
1 clove of garlic
Pine nuts
Salt & Pepper
Blend really well. Saute chicken tenderloins in pan with a little olive oil and salt & pepper to taste. Saute shallots in same pan you used for chicken (they have a sweet flavor). I cheated and bought the pizza dough (instead of making from scratch)and you can buy your dough of choice. I purchased the artisan pizza crust by pillsbury. Open and spread out either on a baking sheet or pizza stone. Follow cooking instructions on the container for crispier crust and softer crust. I pre-cooked my dough for 12 minutes. Then I added a thin layer of sauce. Add the pesto. Add the chicken, mushrooms, thin sliced baby tomatoes, shallots and finely diced roasted red peppers. Sprinkle with mozzarella and pop back in the oven to cook. Once cheese is melted and cooked through, pull out oven and MANGIARE (EAT)!






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  1. I love chicken pizza too – but I buy a ready made vegetarian (frozen) pizza as base and then I add everything else fresh on top. Think I will make one tonight. Love combinations of bacon, chicken, pesto … red onion and mushrooms. Can’t beat a great pizza. You’re a true kitchen Diva.

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