White Chocolate Raspberries

Nope, its not valentines day but how cute would these be with a glass of champagne?! Who am I kidding champagne and white chocolate raspberries everyday, for all of my friends! 🙂 Simple, yet delicious little snack and colorful for summer. All you need is raspberries and white chocolate morsels, stick the white chocolate morsel in the open end of the raspberry and….TA-DA!!!
NOTE: be sure to buy ripe, but firm raspberries, very gently rinse them and allow them to air dry before stuffing them.



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2 responses to “White Chocolate Raspberries

  1. Cruising through your new spot! I like to follow food blogs, I have one absolute favorite in my reader, and I’m happy to add this to my list. I am an ACF certified Chef who worked in industry for 16 years. Although those who know me ask, WHY WHY WHY dont I have a blog for my creations… as a working Chef, like anything people do for a living, in their free time they tend to venture off doing anything BUT what they do for a living! I am currently not working I industry, (exploring other things in life right now..) but I hold the world of exquisite cuisine and delicious beverages dear to me heart. It is a part of me that I will always continue to explore, create and educate. I honestly have not seen anyone put a white chocolate piece in to a raspberry! And I must say, this is cute as hell!! My husband would love these!! It looks like you have a lot of fun cooking. Keep it up !! And as always, thank you for sharing!!
    ~ Jen

    • Thanks Jen! Yes, your right…We usually tend to go the opposite direction of what we do or what we are paid to do when we have free time! I’ve always enjoyed cooking (I’ve never had any school or done anything on a professional level). I have many years in food & beverage and like to consider myself a foodie because I have a true passion for food! I like doing easy and simple recipes and I hope this cookbook will reflect that especially for the beginner in the kitchen! I appreciate your positive feedback! 🙂

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