Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes! Now you can eat a pancake and get your protein all in one. First you take the ingredients below…Quaker Oats, Honey, Orange Extract, Protein, & Egg Whites
Now you mix in a bowl
3/4c of Oats
1tbsp of Honey
1tsp of Orange Extract
1 scoop of Protein
1c of Egg Whites
Spray pan heavily with pam cooking spray. Pour mixture in bowl into pan and let cook on medium high eat until golden brown then flip
Once cooked on both sides I take a drinking glass and cut out perfectly round pancakes for presentation as in the picture. Although, you can eat the whole pancake. I then drizzled with syrup of choice and eat! Healthy and delicious!



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2 responses to “Protein Pancakes

  1. Ben Gaiarin

    Those pancakes look better than the normal! I’ve never tried using straight protein..

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