Waldorf Chicken Salad

Yum! Waldorf Chicken Salad makes for a great lunch! It may seem time consuming chopping all the ingredients but well worth your time. Everyone seems to have their own twist on making their version of a Waldorf Salad, so do whatever floats your boat! 🙂 I enjoy the taste of the chicken with the sweet & tart fruit and the texture (crunch) of the celery & water chestnuts so I personally like to make mine as follows:
Rotisserie Chicken (shortcut buy the supermarket rotisserie)
Red seedless grapes
Granny Smith apple
Water Chestnuts
Mayonnaise (or substitute greek yogurt)
Salt & Pepper
Chop chicken and place in bowl. Rinse & cut grapes in halves. Dice granny smith apple. Chop celery. Dice Onion. Slice water chestnuts. Toast walnuts. Toss in bowl with 1/4 cup of mayonnaise (I only added 1/4 cup because I don’t want to drown in mayo but yogurt is a healthier route). Salt & Pepper to taste. LOVE IT! You can serve in lettuce cups, with bagel chips, as a sandwich, etc …I’ve even seen people make quesadillas with it?! Hmmmm…you never know could be good!


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