Taco Tuesday

Yep, it’s Taco Tuesday everyone! So, that means ….Tacos Tonight! I decided to make Chicken Tacos (MUY BIEN)! I cheated by buying a Rotisserie Chicken at the supermarket but shortcuts make life easy. 🙂
Rotisserie Chicken
Corn Tortillas (white or yellow)
2 Avocado
Frontera Guacamole Mix
Fresco Queso Cheese (Mexican cheese)
Refried Beans
Red New Potatoes
White Corn on the Cob
Make guacamole mix by peeling 2 avocados, discarding pit, and mashing avocados with fork in bowl. Then stir in a 1/2 jar of the frontera guacamole mix and put aside (season w/ salt for added flavor if you wish). Shred chicken with knife and set aside. Saute in pan with olive oil a few diced red potatoes (season w/ salt, pepper, onion powder, & garlic salt) until semi-tender. Then add to saute pan diced onion & shaved corn off the cob and cook until lightly brown and put aside. Cut some of the Fresco queso cheese off and crumble in bowl and put aside. Take corn tortillas and rub lightly with olive oil on both sides place in a plastic bag in microwave for one minute. Careful not to burn yourself because they are hot! Then place tortillas on a plate and spoon guacamole mix onto tortilla. Then add chicken, corn & potato mixture, chopped tomatoes, and sprinkle with fresco queso. Serve with a side of refried beans sprinkled with fresco queso. Buen Provecho!


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